Dell C2665dnf Google Cloud Print Setup

Dell C2665dnf Google Cloud Print Setup – The special feature of the Dell C2665DNF color laser is the integrated document hub. Behind it is a piece of software that connects the device to cloud services to send scans or print documents from the cloud. This happens directly on the device, the detour via a computer is not necessary. The document hub is operated via a touch panel on the Dell C2665DNF. It is clearly arranged and responds properly quickly. Before we can work with the document hub, we will register.

The multicolor laser multifunction prints, scans, copies, and faxes. In addition, it controls NFC (near field communication). This only includes mobile devices with Android 2.3 and Windows 8.1. As driver emulations, Dell C2665DNF Driver is offered PCL 6 and PS 3 Drivers. Both variants are available in the test if we operate the device via the Ethernet port. Controlled by USB, the driver selection is limited to PCL 6. A prompt during installation ensures that duplex is the normal case. If you do not want the mode, you must turn it off actively. The network interface supports fast Gigabit Ethernet. In addition to the USB port, there is a USB host on the front of the Dell C2665DNF. However, WLAN support is only optional. The adapter comes to about 130 euros-this is excessive. The 1024 MB of memory is likely to be sufficient. However, they cannot be increased.

If your Dell printer is not yet cloud-ready, make sure the computer that set up the printer is also enabled and connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your printer. If you’re using Windows, install the Google Cloud Print Windows Driver. You can use it to print from other web browsers (such as Internet Explorer) or computer programs (such as Microsoft Office). Download Google Cloud Print Windows Driver from this page.

Dell C2665dnf Google Cloud Print Setup

Dell C2665dnf Printer

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To print over Wi-Fi from your computer, or to share printers with others quickly, you can connect Dell C2665dnf printer to Google Cloud Print to use all of the cloud print features from Google. you must Connect the Printer to Wi-Fi and Computers with Chrome browser. Please follow the following tutorial:

How to Setup Google Cloud Print on Dell C2665dnf

Before doing Google Cloud Print with your Dell C2665dnf, you must look up to this point before Set up your printer with Google Cloud Print

  1. Activate your Dell C2665dnf printer, then Connect your computer to a Wi-Fi network. If you do not understand, follow the first Printer Manual.
  2. Turn on your computer and Connect your computer to the same Wi-Fi network as your Dell C2665dnf printer.
  3. Find out if your printer is Google Cloud Ready Version 1 or Version 2 by opening the Cloud-ready printer page, then search for your Dell model and printer. If next to your printer is “v2”, your printer is cloud-ready (version 2.0). otherwise, if it is not listed “v1” next to the printer name, your printer is cloud-ready (version 1.0).
  4. If your printer is not listed, your printer is not yet cloud-ready. However, if the printer can connect to Wi-Fi, you can prepare Dell C2665dnf Google Cloud Print Setup with Google Cloud Print.

After Setting up all the above, Connect your Dell C2665dnf printer with Google Cloud print by following the tutorial:

  • Open Chrome on your computer.
  • Type chrome: // devices and press Enter.
  • Under “New Device”, find your Dell C2665dnf printer.
  • Next, to the printer, click Manage.
  • In the “Confirm signup” box that appears, click Sign up.
  • On the printer screen, follow the instructions to complete the registration. Maybe you need to press List or OK button.
  • To check if your printer is listed, go to and click Printers on the computer. this page will display the printers already added.