Dell 5530dn Driver Download

Dell 5530dn Driver Download – Dell 5530dn is a low-cost mono printing with expandable options to best suit what you need in printing. This single-function laser printer can provide a fast, professional output that will cost only as little as a penny per page in high quality same when using Dell 5350dn toner cartridge. Dell 5530dn designed to help every small-to-medium businesses to lower their cost of printing process but in a high duty-cycle.

Dell 5530dn Mono Laser Printer can print documents for up to 50 ppm (pages per minute), with 1200x1200dpi resolution. if Compared to other competing brands and laser printer models, it can lower the total cost of printing for up to 19% over three years, printouts can be as low as 1 cent per page. Dell 5530dn has a monthly duty cycle of 225,000 page, with standard duplex printing.

You can improve its capabilities by selecting in a wide range of applications to suit your needs. You can download Dell 5530dn Driver from this page, Dell 5530dn Mono Laser Printer Driver has supported Dell Open Print driver or gets Dell 5350n Driver for another mono laser printer series drivers from Dell printer. you can also find the compatibility of the Dell 5530dn software solutions from the list below.

Download Dell 5530dn driver for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux

Dell 5530dn driver

Dell 5530dn Driver Compatibility OS

Driver for Dell 5530dn Mono laser Printer OS Compatibility list

  • Windows 7 32 bit (x86)
  • Windows 7 64 bit (x64)
  • Windows 8 32 bit (x86)
  • Windows 8 64 bit (x64)
  • Windows 8.1 32 bit (x86)
  • Windows 8.1 64 bit (x64)
  • Windows 10 32 bit (x86)
  • Windows 10 64 bit (x64)
  • Mac OS X

did not find any driver Windows version for your Dell 5530dn printer ? for an alternative, you can install older Dell 5530dn printer driver in compatibility mode, so can work with some or all of the functions of the printer like you do when installing Dell 5330dn Driver from the previous post. installation for Mac OS X and Linux is done like most other application installations, the difference is only when you need to connect the printer during driver installation process.

Download Dell 5530dn Mono Laser Printer Driver

Choice your Dell 5530dn Driver Supported operating system. If you have windows, download driver for windows tab, and if you have Mac OS then Download on Mac OS X tab.

WindowsMac OS X

Dell 5530dn Driver for Windows 32-bit/64-bit
Dell 5530dn Mono Printer Driver Download
Version: A01 ,A01
File Name: Printer_ACL_Admin.exe
Size: 101.25 MB

Dell Open Print Driver Download
Version: A16
File Name:
Size: 13.43 MB

Dell OpenManage Printer Essentials Software Download
Version: 1.0.1 ,A01
File Name:
Size: 172.56 MB

Dell 5530dn Driver for Mac OS X
Dell 5530DN Print Driver for Mac OS Download
Version: 3.0.0 ,A04
File Name: 5530dnLaserPrinter_Print_3.0.0_10.6orLater_forIntel.dmg
Size: 2.9 MB

How to Install Dell 5530dn Driver for Windows

Search for the drivers on the manufacturer’s page or download from the link above, On this occasion, we show you an example with a Dell 5530dn printer connected to the same network, which is detected by our Windows system but lacks the drivers in its database.  The first step that we will have to carry out will be to find the link to the controllers on the web page of the manufacturer of our device or download on this page, we provide Dell 5530dn at the link on the download section. Within this link, click on the download button and save the file where we want. Generally, the Dell 5530dn Driver file that we download is a file with extension .exe that will be decompressed later in a folder and between the unzipped files there will be one of them with the .inf extension. This file extension is what is used by all controllers and will be the file that we have to select when we install our device. Decompression of the file and installation of the drivers once we have downloaded our file, we must perform the following steps to perform the correct installation of them in our system:

  1. We execute the downloaded file and in our particular case, we can observe a dialogue window like the following one, in which we will press on unzip.
  2. Once decompressed, if we access the folder where the files have been extracted (in our case c:\Dell\5530dn) we can see that we have a file with the above-mentioned extension .inf
  3. The next step we will have to perform will be to press our start button and type Control Panel.
  4. Inside the control panel, click on the option Add a device on hardware and sound section.
  5. In our case, we select the Dell 5530dn  printer that we want to install and click next
  6. A dialogue window opens and we go to the directory where we unzipped the drivers, showing only on the screen the one with the inf extension.
  7. Once selected, we will have our printer on the list to choose it, the press continues and we can finish the installation of our printer correctly.
  8. As you can see, thanks to the versatility and efficiency that our system has, in a few simple steps at the click of a mouse, we will have our conflicting device properly installed and running on our Windows operating system.

How to Use Dell 5530dn Driver Windows Compatibility mode

  • First, select the Dell 5530dn driver installer, and then right-click and select ‘Properties’.
  • After that navigate to the tab ‘Compatibility’. Then in the Compatibility mode, check the “Run this program in compatibility mode for ‘and click the drop-down menu to select a version of Windows (Windows 10 / 8.1 /
  • 8/7 / XP) that you remembered the capability with the software. When finished click OK to save the changes.
  • Please note, this only works for users that you use only. If you have more than one user, you must click the ‘Change settings for all users’.

How to Install Dell 5530dn Driver for Mac OS X

  1. Click on the Apple menu and then on System Preferences.
  2. Depending on your operating system version, click Print and Fax, Print and Scan, or Printers and Scanners.
  3. Check if your printer’s name appears in the Printers list. Follow the appropriate steps, depending on whether the printer is on the list or not.
    – If your printer appears, remove and re-add the Dell 5530dn printer to confirm communication and to make sure that the correct driver is being used. Click on the Dell 5530dn Mono Laser Printer name, then click on the minus sign to delete the printer. Once you have deleted the printer, click on the plus sign, click on Add Printer or Scanner, click on the name of your printer and then continue to the next step.
    – If your printer does not appear, click on the plus sign, click on Add Printer or Scanner, click on the name of your printer and then continue to the next step.
    – If your printer does not appear in the Add Printer or Scanner window, confirm that the printer is connected to the Mac by a USB cable, or that it is on the same wired or wireless network as the Mac. try adding the printer again and then continue to the next step.
  4. Click on the Use or Print using menu and then select Dell 5530dn Mono Laser printer.
  5. Click on the Add button to add the printer to the list.
    – If you are asked to install the software, click Download and install to complete the installation.
    – If the message “Software is not currently available” appears, you can Download Dell 5530dn Driver from Download Section above and try to install the driver manually with .pkg setup inside .dmg file like most applications installation.